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Dartmouth classes and workouts

are not the only way we keep you fit.

When you set out to create a healthy lifestyle it's not only about your exercise regime,

it's about your nutrition as well.

Your Dartmouth Athletic Club Juice Bar Lounge provides the fuel to get you to be the all around best you can be. Inspired by our many professional trainers, our Juice Bar menu is meant to provide the healthy energy that keeps you going through some of your most demanding classes and exercise routines. Delicious Healthy Bites meal plans, protein shakes, hydration boosters, herbal teas, energy boosts, along with pre and post workout smoothies that build you up and settle you down. There's a whole lot more to be seen on our menu board when you come for your first visit to look us over, so make a bee line to our Juice Bar Lounge after you check in at the front desk.

Our fitness offerings go well beyond workout and nutrition,

they include socialization as well.

We understand that by trying to make the Dartmouth Athletic Club a total welcoming and friendly community of people with similar goals, we couldn't have done it without the addition of our comfortable Lounge area. Here's where people from all areas of the club can connect and make friendships. It's a spot for hang-out conversations that might provide a wealth of encouragement and support. It can also be seen as an area where you collect your thoughts while relaxing in one of our massage chairs dreaming about all your future exercise goals. First timers can ease into their first day of exercise and classes by making a relaxing stop-off at the Juice Bar Lounge. This is an essential part of our club, where our sense of community begins and where it is made. This should be a must-see destination if you're contemplating membership here at the all new, Dartmouth Athletic Club.

Healthy, fresh, and never frozen meals are available to all our members at very affordable prices. Portion controlled in a wide variety of delicious choices, they are available in two very appetizing ways: Grab & Go or Weekly Plans. You'll find either one satisfying and extremely convenient.

Juice Bar Lounge is Included with your membership